Nonviolent Communication + Mindfulness

Nonviolent Communication + MindfulnessNonviolent Communication + MindfulnessNonviolent Communication + Mindfulness
Roberta facilitating the closing circle at EcoME in the West Bank.

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Four Sundays On line!  Beginning Sunday May 3

Living Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness in the Time of Coronavirus, beginning May 3
Invitation to Four Week Online Series with Roberta Wall

Dear Friends,
As days turn into weeks, weeks into months, this time of the coronavirus is calling on us to find refuge and support for our inner and outer lives.
Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Mindfulness are two powerful resources for us to find our own inner balance, clarity, and compassion.
And this is not the time to isolate! It’s the time to intentionally connect in community and relationships. Let’s come together to create experiences in community that boost our inner resources, welcome our gifts, help us engage with ourselves and the world.
This is an invitation to join me and a global community in the next four week online (Zoom) series of Living NVC and Mindfulness beginning May 3.
In these weekly sessions we will dive deeply into consciousness and practical skills that bring us deeper aliveness; skills for being an empathic presence for ourselves and others; ways of working with strong emotions such as anxiety, guilt, anger and depression; and cultivate the joy and celebration of clarity, compassion, connection and empowerment in the midst of it all.
I hope you will join us live to participate in the small break out groups where we have the opportunity to be real with each other, practicing the skills in our real life situations. And, each session will be recorded so you will have access to every session and all the materials on your own time.
Course Dates:  Sundays, May 3-24, 12 noon EST- 1:30 pm EST
Financial Request: 
This course is offered on a pay-what-you-wish basis to increase the accessibility of on line NVC offerings. Support for trainers and NVCAcademy is appreciated!

Feedback from last NVC and Mindfulness on line series: 

Hi Roberta, and thanks so much for this course! I feel nourished (first time
I've ever used that word this way) in my ability to be open to others and also
to hold apparently contradictory ideas and needs in the same space and let them get along. Blessings to you and Robin and the NVC community.
Steve Landau MD
Acharya Pashupati
President, AMURT  (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team - USA branch)

With the Engaged Buddhism & NVC I am learning to be present, to be mindful, to be aware, its something simple and new, like conscious breathing, being in the present momenta and so on… Oh, it gives me a new way of experiencing life which runs through me. Some awakening and liberation in it. Yes, it is, and its vulnerable and painful ... I have found your course so valuable because mindfulness in my experience is the most important principle I have learned in NVC; and Buddhism added a lot to this.  I like your way of teaching which for me is flexible, kind and deep, with much dedication to it; it’s the way you are in the world. Thanks for your loving and compassionate being. 
Eastern Europe participant

...Because of your course, I became more aware of my inner feelings when I am communicating by email, voicemail or text. I paused before texting her again. And then I got curious about what her life is like now with her kids and husband at home, while she tries to work upstairs. I felt some compassion and a deeper yearning to connect rather than an irritation at her unavailability. I sent a text from the place of curiosity, and compassion. ... I think that there is an energetic ether that communicates even more than our words, in some cases. And clearly my different attitude and demanding energies were replaced, and she actually RESPONDED!
So, from this experience, I felt empowered to take more frequent pregnant, aware pauses.
U.S. participant


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