Upcoming Public Trainings with Roberta


Nonviolent Communication Immersion Course  

Four Sundays starting January 27, 2019 in Asheville, North Carolina, 1-5 pm The theme of this series will be communicating with ourselves and others so that we are affected by each other.

Feedback from Roberta's last immersion series in Asheville:

With all the very many NVC programs and workshops I’ve been to, I found your intensive to be uniquely helpful. I heard you explain important nuances about living empathically that I don’t think I’ve grasped so clearly before. I think that a big reason that I “got it” better this time was because I witnessed how naturally you embodied those particular nuances I was missing. Listening to you was actually startling to me at times – helping me suddenly recognize where I have “understood” things but not fully integrated them. I also so appreciate your empathic feedback to me around my own wrestling with how to apply NVC to social change work; this also helped me to see myself much more clearly. Your program title “Deepening with NVC” (by going back to the basics) was exactly true for me.

Email info@steps2peace.com for information and registration.