Nonviolent Communication + Mindfulness

Nonviolent Communication + MindfulnessNonviolent Communication + MindfulnessNonviolent Communication + Mindfulness

Dear Friends, 

In addition to the classes and workshops listed on the home page, I am now scheduling private sessions, workshops and retreats with families, communities, organizations and businesses. 

I am excited to share NVC-based mediation with you: a method of conflict resolution and connection where everyone's needs are met and where skills applicable to daily life are learned.  

I am also excited to offer NVC-based coaching to you, sessions where deep healing and transformation of core hurts and beliefs are possible and where you will learn and practice concrete skills for your day to day relationships and encounters.  We call this "street giraffe": learning to express yourself and hear others naturally, without judgment, blame, criticism, anger, shame or depression. 

I also am making a commitment to bring the skills and consciousness of Nonviolent Communication to communities and populations who are suffering from violence,hopelessness and lack of support. Please send me your requests, dreams, ideas and support about this. Please let me know if you would like to register, and please help me publicize the events by letting your friends, family and colleagues know.  I look forward to creating the quality of connection between us that makes giving and receiving joyfully possible.

Helping Families, Communities, Organizations and Businesses with Difficult Conversations

Private Sessions: Roberta is available to help individuals,  families, communities, businesses and organizations have difficult conversations, create infra structures that reflect caring and inclusion of everyone's needs and to guide problem solving, conflict transformation and visioning. She also offers healing sessions inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and Marshall Rosenberg. 

Group sessions: Roberta leads frequent group programs. Make sure you're on her mailing list, and check here for updates.

Workplace training: Roberta is also available to bring NVC and mindfulness  to your workplace. 

Previous Programs

Previous Programs offered by Roberta Wall

Staff Trainings for Legal Services, Cultural Diversity and arts organizations, and mental health agencies.

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Forgiveness Series: Creating a Culture of Compassionate Communication In Your Organization 

Facilitated Conversation on creating connection across divides 

NVC and Forgiveness; preparation for the Jewish High Holidays Series at Asheville JCC

South Africa Nonviolent Communication Mindfulness  

Communication Trainings with HIV Medical Professionals in Botswana. Link 

Advocacy and Facilitation for NGOs. Link  

Advocacy and Empowerment for Women. Link